Band History

Banner’s best friend, growing up, is Mickey Jo (Michael) Slone. From spending their lunch free time in Jr High School listening to music in the gym at Kendallville Jr High School, to all afternoon jam sessions with friends, who skipped school to play music together, and to their first band together, Flint – A Rock n Roll Band, Mickey and Banner have been connected.

In 1977 Banner and Mickey, along with drummer David Poyser and Indiana State Champion fiddler Arvel Bird became Arvil Bird and Flint. After a few months this line up was found to not be a good fit for everyone, so Banner and Mick, and David went back to simply being Flint, and Arvil went from there to later becoming a member of the late, great Glen Campbell’s band, for many years, before immersing himself into his native American heritage and earning several Nammy Awards for his efforts.

In 1977 or 1978 Banner and Mickey Jo, along with Sam Hicks, Ralph Everage and Paul Murphy became The DJ Band, playing DJ’s Nightclub as staff band (Auburn, IN) and by 1979 staff band at DJ Country Buck Lake. By the DJ Country years Kenny Rothlisberger had replaced Ralph on drums, as he and Sam chose to focus on their day jobs. By 1978 Paul Murphy had also departed, as had singer/songwriter, East Kentucky native Sonny Tackett had left the band.

In 1981 Mickey and Banner formed The Stone County Band, joined by David Poyser for a very short time. David left the band and was replaced by Rockin’ Charlie McLain. The band performed in the Tri-State area of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio until Banner left the band in 1987, after the band had recorded several original songs released on their record label MicBan Productions. One of their songs, “Honky Tonk Good Time Man” received significant airplay on country music radio around the country, nearly charting on Cashbox.

After Banner left the band Rockin’ Charlie and Mickey Jo joined forces with other long time friends and musicians and became Roughshod, a very popular country band in the area for many years.

In 2017, after more than 30 years apart, Banner, Mickey and Rockin’ Charlie performed once again for The Root of Truth Celebration and Fundraiser for Laura Payne, Banner’s daughter, who is fighting cancer. It was like a family reunion of sorts, as many of The Stone County Band Rangers (what SCB fans were affectionately called) showed up with photo albums and excited to hear the band once again.

There are no plans, at the moment, for the band to perform in the future.