Laura Payne, Live from Chipsa Hospital in Tijuana Mexico

Listen to this AMAZING interview with Laura Payne by Ryan D. Luelf! Laura was in hospice before coming to CHIPSA and she drove all the way to Mexico from Konxville TN because the pressure on her brain was too much for her to fly. She could not see out of […]

Charlie Daniels – Me and Mickey Jo (Mike) Slone

Here’s a photo from another lifetime! Mickey Jo and I interviewed Charlie Daniels at his concert at The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, for our WBNO Country Showcase. This was probably around 1982 or 1983, I can’t remember for sure. I had some serious hair going on! LOL! The WBNO […]

Thankful to Yahweh for His Favor and Relationships

Good morning! Bless Yahweh, who gives favor. Favor from Him, and favor with men. I’ve been blessed by the people that Yah has placed in my life. I firmly believe that life is about relationships – my relationship with my Creator, and then, as an extension of that, my relationship […]

You’re Going The Wrong Way!

*Once upon a time there was one who commissioned a large contingent of workers to cut through a huge dense jungle, to create a clear path to the other side. The group was divided into teams. One team wielded machetes, another was to dig out the stumps and smooth the […]

Open Mic Night Success

Our first open mic night at The Cupbearer Cafe, in Auburn, Indiana, was a success. We didn’t have a packed house, but we had some folks who wanted to hear some good music and some enthusiastic singer/songwriters who wanted to share their gifts. Thanks to each of you who came […]

What is it?

Well that is a good question. The whole idea is still taking shape. Podcast? Terrestrial Radio Broadcast? Blog? All of the above? All still to be determined. As it is, this site will be populated with relevant info.