Health in the USA – Why Won’t our Government Allow Us to Choose?

The world today is filled with people with chronic illness. Some say we’re living longer. If we are, the quality of the life we live has greatly diminished. Our time and energy is depleted as we have been enslaved to a money based system that enriches those in the upper echelons of power and riches, and is always just out of reach to those of us who are just trying to live from day to day. The work we do, working harder than ever in our history, is funneled up to the elite. This is mostly because we’ve allowed it to happen.

In many cases we’ve lost the ability to think for ourselves. We buy into every bit of disinformation handed to us by the power brokers in government and in some segments of commerce. This is on display at an alarming level in the health industry.

Big pharmaceutical companies, with the power of the FDA and the AMA behind them, create more and more drugs that are addicting, life changing, and in many cases, life ending. The so-called “cures” cause other sicknesses. It is prevalent in the area of cancer treatment.

In other nations there is access to treatments, that are very successful, that are held back from us in the USA, by the power brokers of Big Pharma and the government that is supposed to watching out for us. It is time we wake up to this scam.

I encourage you to research, and take charge of your life, while you still can. Learn what is food and what is not. Especially what our Creator says is food, in The Scripture. Then begin to learn how, even what Yahweh tells us is food for us, has been modified, and tainted with poisons, and farmed in a way that leaves it void of its intended and original nutrition. Learn about the vaccine scams, and drug sorcery that is enslaving much of this nation. And do something about it.

What can you do? First, as I said, educate yourself. Then look at what you’re eating, what your believing, and throw out that which kills, both from your pantry and what is in your mind, and begin to really live. Then, tell others. Practically, it’s nearly spring. Bless Yahweh, it comes around every year about this time! Plan and grow your own organic garden, with heirloom seeds and plants. Avoid the GMO plants and seeds like the plague they are. And begin to speak out against this monstrous attack on creation, which includes you and me.

I’m an East Kentucky Hillbilly, and there are many traditions that have been handed down to my generation, and are being handed down to our children and grandchildren. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. and some of it just simply needs to be submitted to the Truth of what our Creator said, and changed. I grew up with tobacco. All the adults in my life smoked, for the most part. Kentucky, being tobacco country, meant it was just the way of life. My dad died of lung cancer, smoking up until just a few days before his death, denying that smoking ever harmed him. I am so thankful that I didn’t become a smoker. That tradition needed to go completely. There is no redemption of burning leaves and inhaling the smoke! The things we put into our bodies, through inhaling, eating, and topical application, do massive harm and, in many cases, cause cancer that is killing us!

As a child and into middle age, I ate meals prepared with lots of pork and pork products. In 2003 I woke up to the Truth that hog meat is not food, according to the Truth of Scripture. I stopped eating it. Father Yahweh said it is not food, and in fact is abominable to be eaten. That’s good enough for me, let alone the biological reasons not to eat pork. Read Dr Kellogg’s report on hogs and it might cause you to think twice before grabbing for the bacon, ham, pork chops, or pork sausage. I’ve learned that I can have sausage and bacon and it doesn’t have to come from a hog. I can still eat biscuits and sausage gravy without the unclean addition of pork. This was just a change to a tradition that allowed me to still enjoy certain dishes, that once were prepared unclean, with Scripturally clean ingredients.

It’s the same in our health industry. There’s good and bad. We don’t throw out the good, but we should throw out the bad. Doctors and nurses, and some medicines have their place. Trauma surgeons and first-responders are valuable. But much of what is done to treat chronic illness has become a money grubbing industry for those at the top of the chain. The fact is that our diet is what is mainly making us the sickest nation on the planet!

It’s time to re-evaluate what we’re doing, what we’re eating, and what we think is true, but is not. There are more and more doctors waking up to this, just as there are more in traditional Christianity waking up to the same lies in the professing church. I pray we all are so fed up with lies and status quo that is proven to not work, that we put forth massive effort to learn the Truth for ourselves, and to walk in what is true.



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