Life Happens – May 10, 2017

Life is anything but boring these days. I’m feeling like I want to just spend the days being lazy and kick back, but that ain’t happening anytime soon. So what’s going on? Well if you’re interested, I’ll tell you.

I just returned from Playas de Tijuana, where my daughter Laura is having great success in her battle with cancer. Father Yahweh is giving her favor, using the treatments and staff at Chipsa Hospital, and He is healing her. My wife, Laura’s mother, and I were blessed to spend 4 days with her and her husband, Cody. Tijuana is a different place, but that is a story for another time. We enjoyed our fellowship with Cody and Laura, and meeting the owners and staff of Chipsa Hospital What a wonderful, caring, and generous team they are. We are blessed. I came home after those 4 days, but my wife, Karen, stayed behind to be Laura’s caretaker so Cody could come home and tend to their family business, and take care of his son. That leaves me and Luke, mine and Karen’s baby boy (16 years old 6 feet tall, and 274 lb baby boy) alone for the spring, and probably much of the summer! Oh boy!!!!!

The day before I got home Luke had a little mishap with a 4 wheeler and badly sprained his knee. He’s been hobbling around, part of the time on crutches, since I got home, but slowly getting better. He is finishing up school for the year, catching up from missed days, missed opportunities, lack of diligence at times, and on top of that it’s end of year and finals. Between being hurt and being behind, I have lost my co-worker for all the things to do around the house. Thankfully he can still cook! And can he cook? YES HE CAN! He has made some delightful dishes since I’ve been home. I handle breakfasts and he takes care of dinner. It works.

But it’s spring cleaning (which hasn’t been done in a couple of years since we’ve been dealing with family crises), and trying to do some needed repairs on the house. Since I’ve been disabled I can’t do the kind of intense work I once did, and besides that I’m not a great handyman. I can do some, but I have some serious limitations. We hired a guy to do some work for us and while some of it came out okay, much of it is a mess. So, a few thousand dollars in his pocket, and a lot of go back and fix what was not done right in the first place. Problem is…. out of money. Praying for provision to take care of it all.

My grandsons and my divorced middle daughter are having issues that I’m not at liberty to divulge. Suffice it to say that Yahweh hates divorce and their circumstances are grand example of why He hates it. On top of all the things I have to do around the house, along with doing some part time radio production, and dealing with ongoing parts of living that just crop up from day to day, I get to spend time with 2 of the coolest little cats around! Yahweh willing and the rain stays away, we’re going fishing this coming 1st Day (called Sunday).

Music is still on the burner, though it has had to take a back burner for awhile. I’ve had to take the summer off the Open Mic at The Cupbearer in Auburn, IN, early. Yah willing we’ll fire it back up in the fall. I’m still playing for worship at Messiah Fellowship, and hope to book some new dates in some assisted living homes, soon.

Okay, that’s the quick update. Check back for more later on.



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